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Marvelous falls back onto the bed, arms and legs fanned out, and sighs. He closes his eyes and tries to shut out the day's events; the constant barrage of questions in mind about what do do next, where to go, what tactics to employ, what to do if Plan A didn't work out, what to do if Plan B didn't work out-

It's not often that Marvelous's finely crafted plans don't work, so he doesn't usually tell the others about the plan B and C (and etc.) parts. He keeps those close to his chest and continues to seem omnipotent in his crew's eyes.

It's tiring work being so successful though. And only now that he knows his crew are all back, and safe, and settled has he been able to retire to his own room and take a moment for himself. He might seem selfish to most people, but Marvelous has to be loud and crude about getting what he wants when he wants it, because 99% of the time his mind is actually focused on everyone else. That 1% of the time when he turns to his own needs he has to bark them out before he can forget, take before he starts thinking about the next Zangyack plot. You have to be ten steps ahead of the enemy to stay alive.

He hears the door to his room creak further open; it's so hesitant he knows it has to be Don stood there. He's proven right when Don opens his mouth to ask if he's alright.

Marvelous's first instinct is to say, "Yes, of course! Everything's awesome; we defeated the Zangyack today!" and perhaps, "when's dinner?" because food is a great distraction and stops a lot of people ever having to talk about feelings. And Don has a tendency to worry; Marvelous doesn't want to be the cause of any worry. His job is to protect his crew and make sure they're content, not be the cause of their distress. Sometimes he does completely suck at that though. Sometimes, once in a while, you have to let something else take precedence. Sometimes the crew have to take care of themselves. And Marv has trained them well; they totally can, and do. Honestly most of that doesn't even come from him, it's all them.

His next thought is to wonder if he can just stop thinking.

"Eh," he replies to Don's question, and drags himself into a sitting position. "Sometimes I think it might be nice not to be captain."

Don's face is a mixture of horror and confusion, so Marvelous quickly continues.

"Not that I actually ever want not to be captain," he assures Don. "I love being the captain. It's great being the captain of the Galleon. I mean, the Galleon belongs to all of us, but I'm her Captain, you know?" Maybe Don doesn't know. "We have a certain thing going on," ('special relationship' sounds a bit too fruity), "so I'd never want things to change. It's more..." Time to 'fess up, Captain. "It's the responsiblities." Marvelous gestures to himself in his fine red coat. "You have to admit, I'm not really made for responsibilities. But then I guess that's the point of being a pirate; you're not supposed to have any! But I do, Don. I totally do." Don probably isn't feeling the least bit sympathetic towards him. Marvelous tries to think if there's a way to make him understand.

"Oh!" He says. "It's like, when you're making dinner!" (Maybe dinner will be ready soon?) "You have to decide what to cook, first. And then you have to decide which ingredients you need. And then you have to decide how to prepare them all. And then how long to cook stuff for, and when to mix things together, and how to display it on the plate-" Marv really, truly does understand how much effort goes into Don making a meal. Such delicious, delicious effort. "And even though you love cooking, isn't it kind of a relief when it's all done and dusted and you don't have to decide anymore?"

"I don't want anyone to undermine me on the Galleon," he says. "It's not about that part. I just think it would be nice to get away from that and have someone else make all the decisions for a change. Hypothetically. In a scenario where things weren't really real, but I could still get what I need. I just want a temporary break, Don."

Marvelous sighs to himself again, looking at his boots pitifully. If nothing else his boots are at least utterly awesome, and perfectly showy. He jerks his head up, grinning.

"So to answer your question, I'm alright!" Yep, that will erase the last few minutes of ridiculously embarrassing babbling about stuff. "When's dinner?"

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Don opens the door to Marvelous’s cabin slowly, and peers in to see Marvelous lying back on his bed, looking utterly exhausted. He’d been right to come after him, he thinks - it had seemed too strange when Marvelous had gone back to his room without even a bit of nosing about in the kitchen, pestering Don about what’s for dinner and murmuring naughty things in his ears to distract him from cooking. Don doesn’t mind cooking dinner in peace and quiet sometimes, but not if it’s because Marvelous is worn out or upset about something.

“Marvelous?” he calls from the doorway. “Are you alright?”

He expects Marvelous to blow him off; Marvelous doesn’t like talking about his feelings, never has, and while they’ve made some progress there, Don doesn’t expect him to open up all at once. But this time, Marvelous surprises him, not just with the act of talking about his feelings but also with the feelings themselves.

Marvelous doesn’t want to be captain?

Don realizes as Marvelous continues, though, that he hadn’t quite understood him properly at first, and it’s not a matter of Marvelous really not wanting to be the captain. Don does his best to listen carefully, and doesn’t interrupt while Marvelous explains. He’d never known Marvelous got so fatigued by his responsibilities - probably because Marvelous is always working so hard at concealing his feelings, but that’s beside the point. Don’s heart breaks a little listening to him talk about how tired he is, and how much he needs a break from it all, even just a temporary one.

And of course, once he’s finished explaining, Marvelous straightens himself up and says he’s fine. It’s so typical of Marvelous to follow a genuine confession of his own feelings with a quick remark to pretend like it hadn’t happened, hadn’t mattered. Don’s not about to let him get away with it, though. He ignores Marvelous’s question about dinner and slips an arm around his shoulders.

“Come here,” he says, and pulls Marvelous toward him. Marvelous is much stronger than him, so he could resist if he wanted to, but he usually lets Don touch him however he wants, and now is no exception. Don lays Marvelous’s head against his chest and works the fingers of his free hand into his dark hair. It’s the sort of gesture Marvelous does for him a lot, when he’s worried or tired or in need of comfort; Don hopes it’ll feel good for Marvelous, too.

“Just rest a minute,” he says softly, rubbing Marvelous’s shoulder as he holds him close. “There’s nothing that needs your attention right now, just relax.” He starts massaging Marvelous’s scalp with his fingertips to help him relax - it probably won’t feel as good as if Joe did it, but no one can measure up to Joe when it comes to massage anyway. “Just relax,” he repeats, and hopes it’ll work.
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Don smiles when he feels Marvelous’s tension starting to ease out of him. He hadn’t been certain that it would work at all - since when has touch ever made Marvelous less excited? - so he’s very happy to see Marvelous relax, and to hear him say that what Don is doing feels good.

“There, that’s it,” he murmurs, continuing to massage Marvelous with slow, soothing motions. It’s so good to see Marvelous actually resting, for once, even if it’s only for a minute. “You work so hard,” he says. “You take such good care of all of us, and I know it’s not easy. It’s okay if you need to rest sometimes; it doesn’t make you weak. There’s no shame in resting when you’re tired.” He gives Marvelous a gentle squeeze. “Didn’t you once tell me, ‘Just do what you can’? It goes for you, too, you know.” Don leans down to kiss the top of Marvelous’s head before going back to the massaging motions he’d been doing before, and taking the quiet calmness as a moment to think.

It’s good that Marvelous is relaxing with him, but it doesn’t entirely solve the problem. Marvelous had said that he’s exhausted of having so many responsibilities, and having to decide things all the time. Don had understood perfectly well about that; the comparison to everything that goes into preparing a meal had been particularly apt. But it’s not about being captain of the Galleon, exactly. What was it he’d said? I just think it would be nice to get away from that and have someone else make all the decisions for a change. Hypothetically. In a scenario where things weren't really real, but I could still get what I need.

The word scenario pings something in Don’s brain. He and Marvelous have done quite a bit of fantasy play lately, acting out scenarios that neither of them wants to actually happen in real life, but that are exciting and fun to play in a safe, controlled context. And what Marvelous had described sounds exactly like that. What he needs is a fantasy scenario where someone else is in charge, making all the decisions, and he can completely relax and enjoy the ride. Don blushes a little just thinking about it; they’ve never done power play that way before, but it certainly has a lot of potential to be enjoyable for them both. He knows he'd probably enjoy pushing Marvelous around a bit, without getting any argument back about it!

“So,” he says, stroking his hand up and down Marvelous’s arm, “what would you think if I told you I’d thought of a way you might be able to get away from all those pesky responsibilities and decisions for a while?” He slips his other hand down to stroke the shell of Marvelous's ear with his fingertips. "Would you want to hear about that?"

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Don lets out a pleasant little sigh when Marvelous’s lips brush over his neck. He loves all the different ways Marvelous has of kissing him - soft and teasing like this, slow and gentle, deep and passionate, or sometimes, rough and claiming, like he wants to take Don’s mouth as his plunder. He could be content to just sit and let Marvelous kiss his neck some more, but he doesn’t think he can get through the explanation of his idea with Marvelous’s lips pressed to one of his more sensitive places.

“Well,” says Don, putting his fingers over Marvelous’s mouth, and easing him back up to a sitting position. “What if we were to do a bit of roleplay, and I was the one in charge instead of you?” He splays his hand out and runs it down Marvelous’s chest. Somehow he doesn’t feel as shy talking about this as he does about his own fantasies; maybe it’s because he’s already started to picture himself in character, competent and commanding and in perfect control.

“You wouldn’t have to decide a single thing,” he continues, leaning forward to murmur into Marvelous’s ear, “because I’d be the one making all the decisions. You wouldn’t even have to think about it, because you wouldn’t get to choose. I’d do as I pleased with you, and when I told you to do something you’d be a good boy and say ‘Yes, sir’ and do it just the way I wanted.”

Don is feeling aroused just from talking about this, and from imagining having Marvelous so compliant, obeying his every whim. He can’t just assume that Marvelous will be alright with the idea and start in on it, though. “If that’s something you’d like,” he adds. “And it’d only be for play, so you’d have a safeword and everything, I wouldn’t really make you do something you didn’t want, you know that.” He kisses Marvelous on the temple. “So, would that be the sort of thing you’d want to try?”

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Don feels the arousal hit him like a punch low in his stomach when Marvelous responds to him with Yes, sir just as Don had told him to. He hadn’t expected Marvelous to jump into the scenario so readily, thought there’d be a little more negotiating, perhaps, but he definitely doesn’t have a problem with just starting like this. He gives Marvelous a smile to let him know how pleased he is. “Good boy,” he says, taking Marvelous’s chin in his hand and leaning in to kiss him firmly on the mouth. He’s not used to being aggressive like this, but it’s surprisingly easy to step into the role, especially since Marvelous has taken so quickly to being submissive.

He breaks the kiss after a moment and cups the side of Marvelous’s face in his hand. “Now, listen carefully, because I have some very important instructions for you. If you ever don’t like what I’m doing, I need you to tell me. Say ‘Don, I want you to stop,’ and we’ll stop right there and then, understand?” Don absolutely refuses to budge on this point; he’s not going to play out any scene without a safety measure there, even knowing that Marvelous knows how to handle himself. He just wouldn’t be comfortable taking so much power without being certain that Marvelous can break the scene if he needs to.

“And now that that’s settled,” he continues, moving his hands to Marvelous’s chest and fiddling with the buttons on his shirt, “I’m going to leave you alone for a minute, because there’s something very important I need to do before I take my pleasure with you.” He runs one hand all the way down Marvelous’s chest and stomach to slip it between his thighs, and is pleased but not surprised to find that Marvelous is already getting hard. He teases over the bulge in Marvelous’s pants with light fingers as he tells him what he wants. “But when I come back, you’re going to be sitting here on the bed, stripped down to your underwear, waiting for me. And,” he adds, stroking Marvelous more firmly, “you’re not allowed to touch yourself unless I give you permission, so you’ll have your wrists crossed behind your back while you wait.” He gives Marvelous one last squeeze. “Have I made myself clear?”

Once he’s gotten Marvelous’s assent, Don smiles and gets to his feet. “I won’t be away long,” he says. “Be good while I’m gone.” And with that, he turns and walks out of Marvelous’s cabin. He wasn’t lying about having something important to do; he has his own responsibilities on the ship, after all!

Don walks into the common room and finds Gai sitting at the table, cheerfully clipping out pictures of the other Super Sentai for his scrapbooks. He looks up when he hears Don approaching. “Don-san!” he says with a huge grin. “What’s going on? Do you need something?”

“Yes,” says Don, still speaking in his most authoritative tone. “I need you to cook dinner for the crew tonight, Gai, because I’m going to be very busy with something else for a while. The menu is up to you, just be sure to make enough for everyone.”

“So, at least ten servings! Got it!” Gai gives Don a chipper salute. “You can count on me, Don-san, I won’t let you down!” And with that, he bounds off to the kitchen to start his preparations.

Don has to smile; it’s so nice when everyone actually listens to him for a change. And now he can go back to Marvelous secure in the knowledge that his own responsibilities are taken care of for the evening. He walks back to Marvelous’s cabin, taking his time, and opens the door to see if Marvelous has obeyed his instructions.

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Don is very pleased by the sight that greets him when he looks back into the room: Marvelous sat on the bed with all his handsome muscles bared, his hands behind his back just as ordered, struggling to stay still as his cock strains at his underwear. Don has to admit he hadn’t been sure that Marvelous would actually obey his command not to touch himself, especially given how much Don had teased him before he’d left, so he’s impressed to see that Marvelous hasn’t lost his resolve. And there’s something incredibly hot about having Marvelous, who never reins in his own desires or denies himself any pleasures, under his control like this, combating his own hedonistic nature in order to please Don.

Looking at Marvelous like this, all stripped down and ready to be used however Don wishes, also makes Don realize that he isn’t quite dressed for his own part yet. Not that he can’t be authoritative in his own clothes, but given how frequently Marvelous calls his bowties “adorable,” Don thinks they both might get more into the scenario if he were dressed a bit differently. His eyes fall on Marvelous’s red velvet coat hanging over the back of a chair, and he smiles. The captain’s coat is a great symbol of authority, and he knows from wearing his own how much more powerful he feels dressed in one. He hasn’t come back into the room properly yet, so he could easily go and get his own, or he could saunter in and pick up Marvelous’s for himself without getting a word of complaint. Don honestly isn’t sure which he’d like to wear more; he’s beginning to see why Marvelous would get fatigued from having to decide so many things all the time! Should he use Marvelous’s coat, so rough and ready with the scent of him practically woven into it by now, or go and get his own, hanging neat and pristine in his closet?

...Right, mine’s already clean, I’d better go with Marvelous’s, Don thinks. No one said he had to have a particularly meaningful reason for choosing one over the other.

He steps back into the room and shuts the door behind him, confidence in every step as he walks back to Marvelous. “Very good,” he says, “I see you’ve followed my orders perfectly. I’m very pleased with you.” Don smiles and reaches out to run his hands down Marvelous’s arms. “You look so good like this, so big and strong with all these nice muscles.” Don is pretty sure flattery is Marvelous’s favorite thing no matter what scenario they’re in. “Just what I like.” He presses another kiss to Marvelous’s lips, enjoying the way Marvelous’s mouth yields to his. “I’m going to give you your next order now,” he says, barely moving his lips away from Marvelous’s, “so listen carefully.”

Don traces his fingers down the contours of Marvelous’s stomach muscles until he reaches the waistband of Marvelous’s boxer briefs, and gives it a quick snap before running his fingertips down over the firm outline of Marvelous’s cock. “I know it must have been very, very hard for you...” He brushes his fingertips up and down the length of Marvelous’s cock, too light to be anything more than a tease, hoping to coax a desperate gasp or a moan out of him. “...Not being allowed to touch yourself while I was away. It must have been agony.” He smiles but doesn’t change anything about the way he’s moving his fingers. “So I’m going to cut you a little break, since you were so good.” He braces his other hand on Marvelous’s shoulder. “You can touch yourself now. And I want you to do it just like this, nothing more.” Don sweeps his fingertips very lightly over Marvelous’s cock, and feels a jolt of arousal himself when he thinks he sees it actually twitch inside Marvelous’s underwear. He’s going to have to be careful not to get too excited himself - he’s not good for more than one orgasm the way Marvelous is, and he doesn’t want the game to be over before they’ve even started properly.

“While you’re doing that,” Don adds, removing his hand and stepping away from Marvelous, “I’m going to undress, and I want you to watch.” He has no idea where all this confidence has come from, but it feels incredible. His hands tremble a little as he takes his clothes off, but he’s nowhere near as nervous as he would be about doing the same thing outside this kind of scenario. There’s a huge thrill in having Marvelous watching him like this, too. He doesn’t bother with doing anything like a striptease - Don doesn’t think it’s possible to do a striptease when you have to take your shoes off, there’s just no way to make removing his sneakers into something sexy - so he’s down to his t-shirt and underwear pretty quickly. Those can come off later; he likes the idea of having a little more on than Marvelous. And to top it all off, he reaches over to the chair to pick up Marvelous’s coat, and pulls it around himself with flourish, slipping his arms into the sleeves and straightening the way it hangs before turning himself back to Marvelous to let him take in the sight.

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It’s hotter than Don would have ever expected to see Marvelous touching himself so lightly, his face the picture of frustration and tension as he teases himself at Don’s command. He’s panting heavily, with his eyes riveted on Don all the while, occasionally closing his mouth to hold back some desperate sound. “None of that,” says Don, slowly walking back toward Marvelous. “Don’t hold back, I like the way you sound. Let me hear everything I’m doing to you.” It’s only fair, after all, when Marvelous is always coaxing all kinds of whimpering and moaning out of Don the rest of the time!

Don still can’t quite believe that Marvelous is managing to obey his orders; in any other situation, there’s no way he’d be willing to sustain such a light touch on his cock for more than a second. It’s so intoxicating to know that he’s doing it all for Don’s sake. Don doesn’t want to keep him in agony for too terribly long, but at the same time, he loves the thrill of watching Marvelous fight to restrain himself.

“Mmm, you’re such a good boy,” Don purrs as he approaches Marvelous. “That’s enough of that, though.” Once he’s close enough, he slips his arms around Marvelous’s neck, letting him feel the soft brush of his own coat against his skin, and puts his knees on either side of Marvelous’s thighs so that he’s straddling his lap. “Put your hands on my waist, don’t let me slip.” Maybe that’s an odd command to give, but Don doesn’t want to lose his balance; it’d completely ruin his illusion of authority!

As soon as he feels properly balanced, Don kisses the corner of Marvelous’s mouth and moves one of his hands to drag it down Marvelous’s chest. “You’re being so, so good,” he murmurs, running his fingers down Marvelous’s stomach to his groin, and investigating his cock with the same light sweep of his fingertips as before. “Mmm, and so big and hard, too. You’re made for this, aren’t you, made just to pleasure me...” He traces one fingertip in a small circle over the very tip of Marvelous’s cock, over and over, wondering how much more of this Marvelous can bear. “Are you ready for your next order?”

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Don hadn’t been expecting an affirmation to his remark about Marvelous being made just for his pleasure; getting it nearly knocks him flat. To hear Marvelous agree that his purpose is to be Don’s plaything, with his voice so rough and husky... He sounds so desperate to be used, like he’s going to explode if Don doesn’t let him do something more. Don wants him to do more, of course, but he thinks both of them need a moment to cool down first.

“Shhh, easy,” he murmurs, straightening himself up so that he can tuck Marvelous’s head beneath his chin. He moves his hand to work his fingers into Marvelous’s hair. “Easy, now, you’re alright. I’ll let you pleasure me very soon, don’t you worry.” He kisses the top of Marvelous’s head and just stays like that for a moment so they can both catch their breath. Don is enjoying the dominant role more than he’d ever have anticipated, but it’s also incredibly intense. He just needs a second to steady himself before they continue. He strokes Marvelous’s hair for another moment before shifting himself back to his previous position.

“I can’t hardly wait to use you,” he says, and runs his fingers more deliberately over the hard bulge of Marvelous’s cock. “I just want to give you a little test run first. I know you’ll be good for it as many times as I need, so I want to burn off a bit of that extra energy before we really get started.” Don gives Marvelous’s cock a few more firm strokes before crooking a finger into his waistband and pulling it down as much as he can - which isn’t much, since Marvelous is sitting down, but it’s enough for now. “Come for me,” Don says, moving his hand to stroke Marvelous’s thigh. “Show me what you can do and make yourself come for me.” It’d be too easy to leave it at that, though - it’d practically be an insult to Marvelous’s talents. “Twice,” Don adds, a twist of heat reaching up through him as he gives the command. “Without taking your hand off or stopping.”

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Taking that moment to rest had been just what Don needed, especially when Marvelous had slipped his hands behind Don’s back to steady him better. He must have sensed that Don had needed a minute to collect himself, and Don is grateful for that, and that Marvelous was able to give him a bit of comfort without breaking the scene. It’s good to know that if he needs a quick break he can take one; he’ll probably need one before too much longer.

Right now, though, he’s just reveling in Marvelous’s obedience to his command, watching the ecstasy that spreads over his entire body as he brings himself to his first orgasm just seconds after receiving the order. Don hadn’t realized he’d needed it quite that much, but it’s certainly pleasing to know that he’d managed to get Marvelous so turned on. And he doesn’t falter for a moment after his finished his first climax, the come just starting to drip down from where it had splashed on his chest, before continuing to stroke himself toward his second. Don can’t entirely believe he’s actually able to do it; Don has always been much too sensitive after orgasm to even want to think about touching himself again, and while he knows Marvelous is perfectly capable of coming just about as many times as he wants, he hasn’t ever seen him do this, just burn past any kind of a refractory period on sheer desire and willpower. If anything, he comes harder the second time, his hand tightening on Don’s waist as he lets out a ragged moan of pure pleasure.

Don is stunned silent for a moment. “Wow,” he says finally, breathless with awe. “Oh, my, you really are made for this, just like a machine... I’d turn you into a generator if I wasn’t so set on keeping you all to myself.” And if there was an actual way to turn sexual energy into power for the Galleon, of course, but there’s no need to mention that to Marvelous now. “Oh, that was good, so good...” He strokes his hand up and down Marvelous’s thigh thoughtfully, trying to decide what to make him do next, and when he realizes the answer, a throb of arousal hits him hard enough to make him groan.

“That was good,” he repeats, teasing over Marvelous’s skin with his fingers. “But you forgot one thing.” He takes Marvelous’s chin in his hand and tilts it up so that Marvelous can’t look away from him. “You didn’t say ‘Yes, sir’ when I gave you your orders.” He smiles and gives Marvelous a kiss on the cheek, then leans forward so that when he speaks again, his lips are brushing against Marvelous's ear. “Do it over.”

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It’s so intoxicating hearing Marvelous say Yes, sir to his order this time, hearing the way he swallows when he hears Don’s command. He’s never known Marvelous to be daunted by anything before, so hearing that note of faint hesitation in his voice makes Don proud to have managed to evoke it. He leans back and runs his hands over Marvelous’s shoulders as he watches Marvelous start to touch himself again, not so forcefully this time, working himself up more slowly.

“I know you can do it,” Don says, gentling his tone a little. He starts to stroke the bicep of Marvelous’s free arm, squeezing the muscle and feeling how firm it is. “It’s alright if you need a little more time, just keep your hand moving and don’t stop.”

Sure enough, Marvelous’s cock is erect again before long, though Marvelous isn’t moving with quite the same vigor he’d had before. “Feeling a little tender?” Don asks, and reaches down to tweak the head of Marvelous’s cock. He wants to overstimulate Marvelous a bit if he can, though he’s not sure it’s possible. “You can take your time, I’m not in a hurry.” He braces one hand on Marvelous’s shoulder and slides the other down the length of his arm.

“And this time, you’re going to do a little something for me, too.”

Don takes Marvelous’s wrist in his hand and lifts it slowly up, letting Marvelous’s hand drag all the way up his waist to his chest. He adjusts it so that Marvelous’s palm and fingers are on his ribs, while his thumb is perfectly positioned to be able to sweep over Don’s nipple, already very stiff beneath his shirt. “You don’t need to move anything but your thumb, and don’t do it too hard.” He guides Marvelous’s thumb across his nipple once to demonstrate, closing his eyes and gasping as pleasure jolts through him. “Just like that.” He moves his hand from Marvelous’s wrist and grabs onto his other shoulder - he knows he’s going to need to hang on for this. “Now, come for me.”

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Marvelous does as he’s bid, sweeping his thumb gently across Don’s nipple, light enough so that he won’t get overstimulated quickly but very much there, right where Don wants it. He tightens his grip on Marvelous’s shoulders and lets himself tilt his head back and just enjoy it. Marvelous’s hand is so warm on his chest, so steady, and with just a single finger he’s able to bring Don enough pleasure to make him sigh with delight, little shivers running up and down his spine. And Marvelous is giving him a good show, too, stroking his cock slowly but firmly, and letting it show in his expression how much he’s enjoying himself.

When Don orders him to come, he doesn’t necessarily mean that instant, because expecting someone to orgasm on command would be outright unrealistic, but Marvelous does it anyway. He lets out a long groan as he comes, spilling his semen down the insides of both Don’s thighs and his own. He’s actually starting to look a little tired, now that he’s on his third orgasm inside of a few minutes with hardly any time to rest, but he keeps his hand going on his cock without faltering. Don is very impressed, and just about to praise him, when Marvelous speaks completely out of turn, groaning out a few words before cutting himself off as he realizes his mistake. He looks up at Don almost pitifully, waiting to hear what Don will make him do as punishment for his outburst even as he’s panting and still stroking himself.

For a moment, Don isn’t sure how to react. He’s a little shocked that Marvelous would slip up like that, except for how he isn’t - it makes perfect sense that Marvelous would have trouble with self-restraint, after all. And at the same time, it’s not like Don had forbidden him to speak, and making him start over again now might be too cruel. Maybe it wouldn’t be too lenient of him to allow Marvelous a chance to redeem himself.

Don laughs softly and reaches up to stroke Marvelous’s cheek. “Don’t fret, I’m not displeased with you,” he says. “I know you’re just trying to please me, and that you want to do it so badly that you just can’t contain yourself. You can’t help wanting to serve your purpose.” He leans forward and kisses Marvelous’s parted lips, swallowing up the noises he makes. “And you’re doing a good job of it,” he adds. He presses his mouth to Marvelous’s for another moment before breaking the kiss again and leaning back. “I’m not displeased with you for wanting to tell me how I look.” He runs one hand down to Marvelous’s chest and takes one of Marvelous’s nipples - not so pert and tender as his own, but sensitive nonetheless - between his fingers, toying with it idly as he speaks. “I want to hear what you have to say. Tell me all the things it’s doing to you just to look at me, and then I’ll decide whether I’m displeased or not.” He gives Marvelous’s nipple a little tweak. “And don’t forget to call me sir.”

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moehakase: (don and navi)
Marvelous’s answer isn’t at all what Don had been expecting. He’d thought Marvelous was going to give him a single sentence at best, but instead he tells Don all about how the scene is making him feel, and all the reasons why he finds Don so attractive this way. Don can’t help feeling warm and pleased just listening to him. I just want to do everything you want me to, he says. I want to pleasure you exactly the way you want it.

Don smiles, not the haughty, disdainful smirk he’s been wearing for the scene, but his own genuine one. “Well, I can’t possibly be displeased with you after hearing all of that, can I,” he says, and leans in to kiss Marvelous on the mouth, slower this time, wrapping his arms around Marvelous’s shoulders and drawing it out. “You’re so good at this,” he murmurs against Marvelous’s mouth before leaning back again.

“You’ve pleased me very much,” he says, glowing with confidence after all the praise Marvelous had lavished on him. “I’m certainly glad to hear that you’re ready to pleasure me even more.” Don slides his hands down Marvelous’s chest, giving his pectorals a little squeeze along the way. “And that you want to keep coming for me. Because I want to see you milk yourself dry, until that nice big cock of yours is so spent and tender you’d beg for mercy if I tickled it with a feather...” It’s not a thing that’s likely to happen, given how quickly Marvelous gets re-energized, but that doesn’t mean Don wouldn’t like to see it.

“And I believe you owe me another orgasm right now.” He glances down at Marvelous’s cock to see how he’s doing, and sees the semen Marvelous had spilled on him starting to drip down his thigh. He reaches down between his legs and wipes it off onto his fingers. “I ought to punish you for coming on me without my leave,” he says, and raises his hand so that his sticky fingers are right near Marvelous’s mouth. “But I’ll forgive you if you lick it up for me.”

Date: 2013-01-14 09:44 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] moehakase
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Don smiles at how obediently Marvelous licks his own fluids from Don’s fingers, not taking them into his mouth as he usually does (like when Don has a bit of sauce on his fingers from cooking dinner, and Marvelous insists on sucking off every last drop, which is all too reminiscent of other things he likes to do to Don with his mouth) but using only his tongue to lick Don’s fingertips clean. And all with a penitent “I’m sorry, sir,” as he continues to stroke his cock at Don’s command in the meantime.

“That’s alright, I forgive you,” says Don, stroking Marvelous’s hair with his now clean hand. “You have such a clever mouth. I’ll have to put it to work later.” He brushes his fingers over Marvelous’s lips before lowering his hand to guide Marvelous’s thumb across his nipple again. “Now, don’t stop doing that, it feels so good...” He braces himself with his hands on Marvelous’s biceps, stroking the tense, firm muscles as he clings to them. “Aah, that’s so nice, n-not too hard...” Don would love to just succumb to the pleasure and let Marvelous touch to his heart’s content, but they’ve still only just gotten started, and Don can’t let himself get too excited yet.

Don moves his hands to Marvelous’s waist and drags them slowly down over the taut muscles there. “Are you ready to come again?” he says, a little breathless, and lets his hands slide down to Marvelous’s hips, his fingers slipping beneath the waistband of his underwear to stroke at the skin right where his hips meet his thighs. “Come whenever you’re ready, and then I’ll decide what to do with you next.”

Date: 2013-01-14 01:18 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] moehakase
moehakase: (smirk)
Marvelous seems to have learned his lesson, both saying “Yes, sir” before he comes and making sure he doesn’t spill any of his come on Don. It all goes on himself instead, splattering on his stomach, and Don can’t help but enjoy how thoroughly debauched he looks, how indulged, with the traces of four orgasms still sticky and wet on his naked skin. It’s beautiful to watch him come down from it, too, see the satisfaction spreading over his face as the tension flows out of him. He’s not all worn out just yet, but he’ll be loose and pliant for at least a few minutes.

“Very good,” says Don, sliding his hands slowly back up Marvelous’s waist. “That was perfect, I knew you could do it again. You’re just incredible.” He tips Marvelous’s chin up to kiss him while he’s still panting from his orgasm, loving the way that Marvelous’s lips part so readily beneath his own, then leans back and plants one hand square in the middle of Marvelous’s chest. “Such a good boy,” he says, and pushes Marvelous down onto the bed. He goes down quite easily, since his muscles are still slackened from his orgasm, and Don can’t help feeling proud of having gotten Marvelous so completely under his thumb.

“I’m very pleased with you,” Don says. He smirks down at Marvelous for a moment before leaning forward to place his hands on either side of Marvelous’s head, lowering himself down towards Marvelous’s chest in a way that he knows will show off his flexibility. Marvelous’s coat falls open and hangs down over them both, brushing over Marvelous’s skin. Don bends further down until his chest is nearly pressed to Marvelous’s, not caring if some of Marvelous’s come gets on his shirt - he can wash it later, after all, it’s not as though he’s never had to wash that kind of stain out before. “You’ve done so well that I’m going to give your cock a little break,” he murmurs, looking straight into Marvelous’s eyes from only a few inches above him. “Not for too long, because I know you’ve still got a lot left in you. But right now, I just want you to put your arms around my back while I kiss you.” He lowers his head and claims Marvelous’s mouth with a rough, hungry kiss.

Date: 2013-02-10 09:49 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] moehakase
moehakase: (adorable with gun)
Don makes a pleased noise against Marvelous’s mouth when Marvelous’s arms slip around his waist. It feels so good to touch him this much, with their bodies pressed together, since they’ve been holding back for so long. Don could be perfectly content to just stay like this, keep kissing Marvelous and then grind down against Marvelous’s hips when he’s ready to finish, but he also knows that continuing with the power play would satisfy them both even more. And if they’re going to keep going, he really shouldn’t let Marvelous rest for too much longer, even if it feels nice to have Marvelous holding him this way.

He gives Marvelous one last firm kiss, tugging his lower lip between his teeth before letting go. “Very good,” he murmurs, and straightens himself so that he’s sitting upright again, straddling Marvelous’s hips. He runs his hands over Marvelous’s chest, feeling it rise and fall as Marvelous continues panting. “I think you’ve had enough rest for now, though.” Don slips one hand down between Marvelous’s thighs to examine his cock, and finds him already half hard again. “Look at you, ready to go again already...” He teases over the length of Marvelous’s cock with his fingertips, smirking at the reactions it elicits from him. “But I’ve got something else for you to do for me first,” he says, and takes his hand away.

Don reaches up to pull Marvelous’s coat down off his shoulders, and lets it drop down behind him. He’ll put it back on in a moment, but for now it needs to be off. “My shirt’s gotten soiled,” he says, glancing down at where Marvelous’s come has smeared against the fabric of his undershirt. “Take it off for me, nice and slow, so that your fingers run over my skin while you do it. And once you’ve done that, I’ll give you your next order.”

Date: 2013-02-10 12:20 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] moehakase
moehakase: (smirk)
Don closes his eyes and lets his head tip back as Marvelous slips his hands beneath his shirt and moves them slowly up his waist. He does just as he’s told, stroking his way up Don’s skin with slow, careful hands, and Don lets out a soft sigh. He hadn’t realized how badly he’d been craving some proper attention until he’d actually gotten it - his whole body feels hot and tingly, shivers of excitement running up his spine, and his cock is starting to throb even though neither he nor Marvelous have so much as touched it since they started. Marvelous’s thumbs brush tantalizingly close to his nipples as he pushes Don’s shirt up towards his shoulders, and Don doesn’t bother trying to hold back a whimper - he’d told Marvelous to make him feel good, after all, so there’s no harm in letting him know he’s doing a good job of it!

Don raises his arms above his head, and Marvelous pushes the shirt up over them, his hands closing easily around Don’s wrists as he pulls the shirt all the way off. Don can still feel the traces of Marvelous’s touch from his hips all the way up, his body practically quivering from it, and once the shirt is off it feels natural to drop his arms back down and drape them around Marvelous’s neck to steady himself. “That was good,” he says, a little breathless, “that was so good, you’re such a clever boy.” He moves one hand to take Marvelous’s chin in his fingers and kisses his waiting mouth, then reaches back to slip his fingers into Marvelous’s hair. He closes his eyes and rests his forehead against Marvelous’s for a moment so that he can catch his breath. This is all so intense, and it’s only going to get moreso as they go, and as much as Don is enjoying it, he knows he needs to pace himself. And if Marvelous senses that, and moves his hands to steady Don himself, well, Don’s not going to punish him for it.

Don lowers his arms from around Marvelous’s neck and leans back so that he can pick up Marvelous’s coat from behind him, and puts it back on over his bare skin. “Now,” he says, pulling the sleeves over his arms, “we’re going to do things a bit differently this time.” He moves one hand to Marvelous’s hip and snaps the waistband of his underwear again. “Take these off,” he says. “They’re in my way.” He pushes himself up onto his knees so that Marvelous will have room to maneuver, and braces his hands on Marvelous’s shoulders. He’s well aware that this will bring his bare chest into Marvelous’s line of sight, but since Marvelous doesn’t have permission to touch yet, he’s just going to have to restrain himself.

Date: 2013-02-10 02:04 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] moehakase
moehakase: (adorable with gun)
Marvelous obeys Don’s orders and tugs his underwear down past his thighs, slipping it off without any problem at all despite Don’s position limiting his mobility. He’s completely naked now, a gorgeous sight that Don takes a moment to admire. And he has to smirk when he sees the way Marv reacts upon realizing that Don’s chest is so close to his face.

“See something you like?” he teases, lowering himself back into Marvelous’s lap and running his fingers down Marvelous’s chest. “I know I do.” He looks back down at Marvelous’s cock, flushed and fully erect again, and traces his fingertips up and down the bare length of it. “Mmm, you’re all ready for me, aren’t you, with your nice big cock just waiting to be put to use again...” He gives the head of Marvelous’s cock a pinch before moving his hands to Marvelous’s arms, running them down to his wrists. “And you’re so good with your hands, too, I don’t want to let them go to waste.”

Don lifts Marvelous’s hands back to his chest, the same way he’d done earlier but with both of them this time. “Remember what I had you do earlier?” he says, positioning Marvelous’s hands so that his thumbs can brush over his nipples. “You did it so well, I want you to do it with both hands now. Just lightly, like before, don’t get carried away. And while you’re doing that...” He puts one hand on Marvelous’s shoulder and lowers the other back to his cock, but this time it’s not just to tease him. Don wraps his fingers around Marvelous’s cock and starts to stroke it in earnest, a little on the rough side - he wants to wear Marvelous out, after all, to work him until he’s too tender to come anymore, and he’s not going to get there by being gentle. “While you’re doing that, I’m going to make use of this.”

Though the simplicity of the stroking motion allows Don to focus more of his attention on the wonderful things Marvelous is doing to his nipples - he has to tip his head back and whimper again at how good it feels - Don can’t let Marvelous think all he’s going to do is jerk him off. After a minute of stroking him, Don shifts his own hips forward, close enough that he can rub Marvelous’s cock against his own. He can’t bear to deny himself attention any longer, but he still can’t afford to let himself get too excited yet, so he leaves his underwear on and rubs the very tip of Marvelous’s cock up and down the bulge of his own. “Mmm, that’s good,” he whimpers, the pleasure of having Marvelous touching him in his most sensitive places flooding his senses. “Tell me how much you like having me use you like this,” he adds, his voice husky, “and ask my leave when you’re ready to come.”


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