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Captain Marvelous

Let's Make It Showy!


NAME: Captain Marvelous
CANON: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
RANK: Pawn
RESIDENCE: [community profile] court_rp


Marvelous is the type to deny he cares about things. He is a pirate in order to take what he wants and look good while doing it! He doesn't do things to help people; if his actions help anyone then it's all just a BIIIIIG coincidence.

He's also been an orphan out on his own since he was a small child. He happens to have had a couple of father figures in his time. They give him manly shoulder clasps and tell them they're proud of him on the rare occasions that they run into him and Marvelous shrugs them off and goes, "urgh" and pretends not to completely love it.

Something he does love is food. Earth curry, WOW. And ice cream! But basically any and all food. He gets the biggest portions and seconds, too. He seems to be quite the hedonist at heart, considering his catchphrase to the crew right before a battle is to, "Make it Showy!"


JOURNAL: [personal profile] emothy
PLURK: [ profile] emberlina

> Finding treasure
> Banging
> Fuck the Entire Ocean



> Try new foods
> Confess sloppy feels for a friend or lover
> Stab Basco
> Don't punch Basco
> Exhibitionism
> Gain someone's enthusiastic consent before sex
> Tentacles
> Orgasm denial
> Food denial
> Give a thoughtful gift
> Owe someone a favour/debt
> Make someone literally swoon
> Roleplaying as a private dick



BACKTAGGING: Yes, forever!
4TH-WALLING: No thanks.
THREADJACKING: Probably, please feel free to ask!
MIND READING: Yes, that's fine. Marv mostly thinks about food and sex XD
ROMANCE: he won't say feelings words but he can feel ways so yes.
KILLING: Usually I'd say no but Court has revival so... Let's talk about it!


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(OOC: NSFW - explicit sexual content, D/s dynamics. More content notes to [heh] come!)


Marvelous falls back onto the bed, arms and legs fanned out, and sighs. He closes his eyes and tries to shut out the day's events; the constant barrage of questions in mind about what do do next, where to go, what tactics to employ, what to do if Plan A didn't work out, what to do if Plan B didn't work out-

It's not often that Marvelous's finely crafted plans don't work, so he doesn't usually tell the others about the plan B and C (and etc.) parts. He keeps those close to his chest and continues to seem omnipotent in his crew's eyes.

It's tiring work being so successful though. And only now that he knows his crew are all back, and safe, and settled has he been able to retire to his own room and take a moment for himself. He might seem selfish to most people, but Marvelous has to be loud and crude about getting what he wants when he wants it, because 99% of the time his mind is actually focused on everyone else. That 1% of the time when he turns to his own needs he has to bark them out before he can forget, take before he starts thinking about the next Zangyack plot. You have to be ten steps ahead of the enemy to stay alive.

He hears the door to his room creak further open; it's so hesitant he knows it has to be Don stood there. He's proven right when Don opens his mouth to ask if he's alright.

Marvelous's first instinct is to say, "Yes, of course! Everything's awesome; we defeated the Zangyack today!" and perhaps, "when's dinner?" because food is a great distraction and stops a lot of people ever having to talk about feelings. And Don has a tendency to worry; Marvelous doesn't want to be the cause of any worry. His job is to protect his crew and make sure they're content, not be the cause of their distress. Sometimes he does completely suck at that though. Sometimes, once in a while, you have to let something else take precedence. Sometimes the crew have to take care of themselves. And Marv has trained them well; they totally can, and do. Honestly most of that doesn't even come from him, it's all them.

His next thought is to wonder if he can just stop thinking.

"Eh," he replies to Don's question, and drags himself into a sitting position. "Sometimes I think it might be nice not to be captain."

Don's face is a mixture of horror and confusion, so Marvelous quickly continues.

"Not that I actually ever want not to be captain," he assures Don. "I love being the captain. It's great being the captain of the Galleon. I mean, the Galleon belongs to all of us, but I'm her Captain, you know?" Maybe Don doesn't know. "We have a certain thing going on," ('special relationship' sounds a bit too fruity), "so I'd never want things to change. It's more..." Time to 'fess up, Captain. "It's the responsiblities." Marvelous gestures to himself in his fine red coat. "You have to admit, I'm not really made for responsibilities. But then I guess that's the point of being a pirate; you're not supposed to have any! But I do, Don. I totally do." Don probably isn't feeling the least bit sympathetic towards him. Marvelous tries to think if there's a way to make him understand.

"Oh!" He says. "It's like, when you're making dinner!" (Maybe dinner will be ready soon?) "You have to decide what to cook, first. And then you have to decide which ingredients you need. And then you have to decide how to prepare them all. And then how long to cook stuff for, and when to mix things together, and how to display it on the plate-" Marv really, truly does understand how much effort goes into Don making a meal. Such delicious, delicious effort. "And even though you love cooking, isn't it kind of a relief when it's all done and dusted and you don't have to decide anymore?"

"I don't want anyone to undermine me on the Galleon," he says. "It's not about that part. I just think it would be nice to get away from that and have someone else make all the decisions for a change. Hypothetically. In a scenario where things weren't really real, but I could still get what I need. I just want a temporary break, Don."

Marvelous sighs to himself again, looking at his boots pitifully. If nothing else his boots are at least utterly awesome, and perfectly showy. He jerks his head up, grinning.

"So to answer your question, I'm alright!" Yep, that will erase the last few minutes of ridiculously embarrassing babbling about stuff. "When's dinner?"


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